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The Swiffinator

swiffinatorWe have 17 sets of wooden window blinds in our house. They’re dust magnets and I hate cleaning them so I offer my latest invention to the world (i’m sure its been done before). Meet the Swiffinator.

Lost Opportunity for Sirius and XM?

I took my car into the shop yesterday to have some work done and they gave me a loaner for the day. I was a little upset because I have Sirius satellite radio in my car but the loaner didn’t – and while I was muttering unpleasant thoughts about this it occured to me that Sirius and XM should probably give car dealers complmentary satellite radios and subscriptions for their loan cars – not for the people who already have it – but for those who don’t. You see satellite radio is a bit addictive, once you experience the choice and commercial free music you don’t want to go back … what better way to sell it?

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